School presentation

Short description of the "Castelul Copiilor" Kindergarten

Castelul Copiilor

Short presentation of the first meeting of the project hosted by the Romanian partner, "Castelul Copillor" kindergarten, Vaslui. 

                                                     Disemination of the project

.Dissemination of the project "Guiding activities and methods for teaching English to pre-primary children" In the local media with the following press-article:

Interactive lessons using the PC

The use of ICT tools (interactive board) creates a more dynamic and attractive learning environment for English activities and stimulates the children's motivation for learning the foreign language. This type of technology contributes to the improvement of language proficiency and digital skills, two of the most important aspects in nowadays early education.

Computer games

Games we used in the interactive lesson

This is the link to the games to download and use.

English Activity: "The schoolbag, my friend".
Name of the game: Drag Desert
The aim of the game: Fast timed word association of a heard word with the picture.

Name of the game: Big describer
Task of the game: Associate a description read by the teacher with a picture illustrating a school object.

This is the link to the game:

Name of the game:  Geometric shapes 

Aim of the game: exercising the Mathematical vocabulary

Task: Identifying geometric shapes according to the given criteria (shape, size, colour)

Name of the game: Speedballs

Aim of the game: Checking the children's knowledge concerning the use of prepositions

Task: Make the right association betwen prepositions and pictures during the time limit.

This is the link to the game to download:

Name of the game: Reveal

Aim of the game: Exercising vocabulary related to means of transport

Task: Identify the mean of transport from the hidden picture by taking out three or more squares to win points for your team

The link to the game to download:

Name of the game: Fast hands

Aim of the game: Refresh the vocabulary related to domestic and wild animals

Task: Associate the word you hear with the picture on the board during the time limit

The link to the game to download:

Name of the game: Color game

Aim of the game: Practice vocabulary related to colors

Task: Name the picture you see on the left side of the interactive board and make the right association with one of the colors from the right.

The link to the game to download:

Name of the game: Hot seat

Aim of the game: Practice vocabulary related to Sports

Task of the game: Members of the team describe the Sports image they see for their team member in order to get as many points as they can in a limited time

The link to the game to download:

Videoconferences between the partners

Video-conference with the preschoolers from C.E.I.P. Los Campanales, Spain
Today, for the first time, we organized a video-conference in English with the preschoolers from Spain, on the theme "Interactive games", regarding the games we applied in the classroom during teaching activities.The children introduced themselves, talked about their favorite interactive games, favorite toys, they sang English songs! Emotions,awkwardness during our first virtual meeting...But we believe that, without the courage to try something new we cannot progress... 

Video Conference with I.Circolo Didattico San Fillipo,Citta di Castello,ItalyWho are you? Who am I? Many questions, some of them spelled out, others no...The children understood that, no matter where they live, they have a name, games and favorite toys, they have the right to knowledge, to education! By using this language, English, the children use their mind more, they develope their self-esteem in self-confidence! This European project, by Erasmus+, offer the children the opportunity to learn English dynamically and conscientiously! 

                                               INTERACTIVE METHODS BROCHURE

This is the brochure that contains all the interactive methods that the three partners used with the children  in teaching English language.

This is the link to see and download the brochure: