School presentations

Short presentations from our school and village.

Interactive lessons using the PC

Computer games

Games we used in the interactive lesson

This is the link to the games to download and use. 

GAME 1!1578&authkey=!AL8DGaRIffHQ9as&ithint=file%2cexe

Name of the game: Order the numbers

Aim of the game: put the hats on the heads follow the order of the numbers from lowest to highest. 4+

Videos from the game playing

GAME 2!1579&authkey=!AMiEtYNzJ-MgPi0&ithint=file%2cexe

Name of the game: Multiplication

Aim of the game: do the operations,  choosing first table by multiplying and selecting the Martian carrying the exact amount of multiplicacion. This game is 7+ 

Video from the playing 


Name of the game: Memory

Aim of the game: find both similar drawings between some cards with the face down. You can find many differents varieties of this clasical game

Video from the playing



Complete course for learning english, Adapted to kids age. Several activities, 

Aim of this activity (circus) pronunce the name of the animals into the circus.

Video from the playing

GAMES 5 AND MORE         This are our text books for preprimary, you can login and play more than 20 different activities in 3 levels. 3, 4 and 5 years old. Basic vocabulary, colours, numbers, animals, ....

for login you must use  

                                        age3algaida (3 years old activities)

                                        age4algaida (4 years old activities)

                                        age5algaida (5 years old activities)  

5+ english activity (teacher Alba)

Video of a short activity conducted by Teacher Alba playing with the pupils talking and singing about winter clothes. 



.today has been first videoconference with our Romanian partner. It was exciting and amazing with kids talking about their games, names, ...........

Our pupils sang some songs in english.

Method 1

Questions and answers using puppet

The teacher ask some simple question to the pupils and they answer them, some times this questions must be done singing because the early age pupils love sing. The teacher must do in a short way and change the pupil to answer every short moment. The whole class must have the oportunity to participate into the activity.

Video for the example

Method 2

                                                                     Flash cards

Teacher talk with pupils and show some different flas cards, they must tell the right answer. It is an interesting activity because the whole classroom shout loudly. The game must not be longer due to the climate of the class.

Method 3

playin with music

Teacher and pupils sing  several songs to remenber days of the week, weather, onths, so on............... and the sitck on the banner the right options.